The leading Operating System services provider is undeniably Microsoft. With our old Personal Computers and laptops, we had this MS Windows Operating System, which was extremely user-friendly and allowed us to do a variety of tasks and applications day to day. There is no denying fact that Windows Operating System was the first and foremost platform to provide user-friendly environment, and made computers accessible to the laymen.

However, with the advent of Smartphones, he Microsoft Window’s market has seen a downfall. With competitors like Google and Apple, it has got a setback. But still laptop and notebook users need Windows for their system.

Windows is again trying to gain its position by entering in the Mobile Industry. With its new Windows7 phone, it has started putting steps in the mobiles application development industry. There are plenty of web developers who are into designing and providing customized Windows application development services. One of the leading names in windows application development services industry is Galaxy web Technology. With years of expertise in dealing clients with the requirements for effective business solutions, the company has made a mark in providing premium windows application development services to its clients. It has made a niche in delivering custom business solutions by using windows application development for various Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

With the arrival of Windows OS based phones, the market for windows based applications is constantly increasing. As a result, more and more business sectors are investing promptly in Windows based mobile business applications. Apart from mobiles, these business solutions are applicable with any device having Windows Operating System, like Portable Media Canters, on-board computers, Pocket PCs etc. Unlike other Operating Systems, Window based applications can be accessed by anyone who uses a Smartphone or not. Thus, if a client opts for windows application development services, he or she will be getting a cost effective way to promote his/her website with a maximum reach even to the remotest of the viewers. As a result, the client’s website can reach to the maximum number of viewers including his/her prospective customer.

In a way, Windows application development services offer a comprehensive and most functional way for small and medium scale enterprises to reach their prospective customers without investing much. RPwebtrack Web solution provides a smart yet an effective way to market and promote its client’s website with advanced tools and features of Windows and skilled professionals.