Search engine optimization is the science of optimizing a site to become more easily traversable by search engines. No one can actually claim control over a site’s rank on any search engine. But there is a lot that can be done to optimize your site so that when search engines reach it they will find the relavent information. Titles, keywords, urls and search engine submissions are just some of the techniques we employ to boost your site visibility and give it a competitive edge in search engines.

Identify Keywords for your site that your target audience is searching for
Keep site structure navigation clear and concise
Optimise meta descriptions/tags for each page of your website
Create content that is linkable, useful, original, readable and full of important keywords
Create one way links and reciprocal links
Conform to W3C standards and structure pages correctly with headings, blocks and paragraphs
Optimise all images/media and label these items which are unreadable to search engine bots

Search Engine Submission:-

RPwebtrack recommends the Submission Checklist, first and foremost, as an action plan for registration of your website information in many web-based media. Follow this plan, submit websites to search engines and checkmark the steps that you have completed.

Use the online Search Engine Submission as a helpful source of information about sites where you can submit your website profile data and other materials that will help you with back links. Moreover, this service includes tools that will help you successfully cope with the most tedious tasks.

Directory submission:-

Directory submission is proven to be a wonderful method for gaining quality one-way incoming back links. Even newbie SEOs (Search Engine Optimizing people) knows how incoming links play an important role in today’s search engine optimization procedure. Higher the quality of incoming links better your search engine rankings and internet visibility.

SEO content wrighting

An SEO content writer creates content that optimizes his or her clients’ websites’ results in search engines. The content may be short articles, web page dialogue, or other online text. The important point is that it is written with search engine traffic in mind. By applying a number of trade secrets, the SEO content writer can drive traffic from search engines to the clients’ website.